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A sort of poem

I was looking at flats to rent and I saw a listing on the site for a shop, the one up past your house near the Bellsdyke Road. It said it was £700 a month to rent and it had a turnover of £6700. I started imagining it like that film ‘My Beautiful Launderette’, though I’ve never seen it. I think it’s about aspirations of a poor person in the 80s. I imagined it would be like some sort of beautiful place that would be a corner shop elevated by spiritual beauty, like a soap opera written by a great poet. People would work there for the love of it and because to work there would keep whomsoever was behind the counter safe from the world. It would be an island that meant you’d never get lost and we could come and go as we pleased in life. But I don’t know much about running a shop. I doubt it’s as easy as it looks.

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