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Bright Floodplain Lights 4. The Bonnybridge Triangle

There continue to be many UFO sightings in Bonnybridge, about 300 a year apparently and some go back earlier than the beginning of the ‘flap’. Local believer Craig Malcolm, 37, claims hundreds of sightings since 1991, and has hours of video footage that he believes proves there is something going on in the skies above the village.

"I first saw a UFO in 1991, right above my house. It was a disc-shaped object hovering silently and it hung around for a good five minutes," he says. "Since then I've seen triangles, tubes, spheres, cigar-shaped objects, lights and colours. A couple of years ago I was in the car with my dad and we both saw a cigar-shaped object hovering nearby. Suddenly, two balls of light came from it and moved towards us. I just thought, 'I'm out of here!'"

The two smaller objects were described by the Sloggett family and again reported in a case near Bathgate 20 miles away where an old farmer claimed they assaulted him; his legs were cut and burned before he fell unconscious. When he awoke he could no longer walk and crawled home for some distance.

Mr. Malcolm’s accounts also call up similarities to the wonders seen over Nuremberg in 1561.

The farmer’s account was dramatised by the 90s TV program ‘Strange but True’; it can be seen here.

My own painting of one of the encounters.

#strangephenomena #UFOs #BonnybridgeTriangle #FalkirkTriangle

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