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Bonnybridge Toll. 2018, A2 mixed media on paper

The Holy Mountain/Kelvingrove Park, 2017. A2 giclee print
Smoke, clear cut trees. A5. 2017
Back to the Old House, 2017. One off glossy poster, A2
Haunted Houses, 2017
New Town, 2017. A3 painted on giclee print
Night Town, 2017. A3 painted on giclee print
New Ghosts, triptych, 2017. A5 digital paintings


Fhaicsinneach Residency, February 2017

Sea at Midnight, Mac-meanmnach Bay. 2017. A4 mixed media print
Hills in Winter, 2017. A4 mixed media print
Managed woodland in the rain, 2017. A5 mixed media
Dark bog, forest in distance, 2017. A4 mixed media
Night time, a forest, 2017. A4 mixed media

Three Panels, The Spirit Moving on the Waters, The Annunciation in Kelvingrove Park, The End of the World. 2016/17, A2 closed.

Three Panels, The Enclosing Sea, Calvary, The Open Tomb. 2016, A2 closed, print on wood
Julie, 2016. A2 giclee print

Phoenix Bursary Exhibition

July 2015

The Fountain in Kelvingrove Park, 2015. A2 giclee print
untitled, 2015 oil on canvas
untitled, 2015 oil on canvas
Necropolis, 2015 giclee print
Window in Garnethill, summer. 2015 giclee print
Hillhead, 2015 giclee print
Three Mountains, 2015 giclee print
The Tower Downs, The Sea. 2015 giclee print
untitled, 2015 a2 mixed media print on canvas
Stone circle, a river. 2015 giclee print
untitled, 2015 oil on canvas

Selected Work


Excerpt from On Mnemosyne. 2014
The Great Moth, 2010
The nuclear bunker beside the house I grew up in, 2012
untitled paintings, 2015

Canal plaque, Port Dundas canal basin, 2012

Destroyed by Glasgow City Council

untitled paintings, 2015
screens from a computer game built out of people's memories
Melencolia, after Durer. 2015
untitled paintings, 2014
A Light on a Tower in the Gorbals, 2010
Cathkin Braes, 2010
The Euminides, 2014
Paul McKee, 2011
Thales' First Theorem, 2013
Plaque for a demolished building, 2013
Screens for a text adventure, 2012
The Fountain in Kelvingrove Park, 2011. 
still life paintings, 2014
still life paintings, 2015
Provan Tunnels, 2016
The Great Northern Necropolis, 2016
The road under the mountains. 2016 
An Invisible Poem, 2011
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