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I studied Sculpture and Environmental art at the Glasgow School of Art from 2010 to 2014 when my degree show was destroyed by fire. I went on to attain a master of letters in drawing there in 2018, during which the school was all but destroyed in a larger fire.


I have a fascination with two things in particular, the infinite universe and death, the undiscovered and undiscoverable countries.


My work is mainly concerned with immanence and imminence, the divine possession of the landscape and its inherent promise of disaster. I work mainly in painting, fine art and graphic illustration, sculpture, writing and performance.


I want to take fringe ideas and untenable concepts and make them relatable where they might otherwise be disregarded. My greatest influences are works of fiction, poetry and my own memories; my projects are often as impossible to achieve as returning to those unreliable places. 



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